Please use: +xpsubmit with the following format when putting on for an xp spend.

+xpsubmit Name: skill # of new rating=(Justification, log references)

Example: +xpsubmit Holly: Melee 2=<blah blah, log lessons here, etc>


0 to 1
Very basic justification need. For instance, raising athletics from 0 to 1, might be as simple as 'I joined a gym!'

1 to 2
Maybe you've signed up for lessons. You are starting to practice x thing. -A- log would be nice.

2 to 3
This is where the serious justification starts. Two logs would be nice.

3 to 4
At least three logs, more references where the skill or ability in question has been used and how you're working to improve it.

4 to 5
4 logs, minimum, with yet more about how you're working to increase your ability with the skill, or hone an attribute to perfection.


Backgrounds and Lores have their own policies. (Soon to be linked here)

Wait TimeEdit

The rule of thumb, before allowing for training, teachers, or certain merits, is new rating X 1 week.


Raising Medicine from 2 to 3 has a wait time of 3 weeks.

For more information see: Learning Times and Teachers