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(as told by Uncle Jeb):
Uncle Jeb

Way back in the beginning of real time here in Haplin there came a hero, Sitnikov Pavel Leonidovich, or as everyone called him “Lenny”. So Lenny was a fella that wanted to lay down his arms and rest a spell after defeating most of the big bad monsters that had gone and threatened him. Lenny was a Silver Fang, and he was tired a fightin’ alla time. So he made a deal with the local spirits and such. You know, the ones that only I can see and then only when I gets my hooch on. Anyway, he made deals and whatnot and we all gots ta follow ‘em. SO ….(coughs), Back to m’story. So Lenny, he goes out to this here fallow field and makes it all powerful and farmy and such. And he formed his fambly, the Leonids with the most gorgeous human woman he could find. We’re decended from beauty and power, you whippersnapper! Don’ you forgit it. So we settled in, tossed off all that malarkey about rank and renown and all at. And we live like dat for hunnerds of years. We let the sacred spot in the center o’the fields live as it will, an’ we are fine. But….

Things is changin’. That there idiot Starr don let the flood gates open. An’ now we’s got to raise up our pickforks, take the klaives off’n the wall and guird our loins. The Big Ol’ Bad Wyrm’s a commin’. So’s that Spirdery devil the Weaver. Both o’ them is crazier den even me and raring to spoilt our beautiful paradise. So, if’n you has a mind fer it, you needs to get training!  FOR LENNY! We got “Friends” a commin’ from Montcraft, other tribes and woofs that are all citified and genteel. (Snorts) But they got their own thinks a commin’ with ‘em. So we gots ta play those old games again. Now, where did I put that spirit stick, boy? I got’s to wake up the chickens.

Approved Races:

Local Haplin Fawna:  Garou (Black Fury, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Silver Fangs, Utena, and Wendigo), Bastet (Bubasti, Ceilican, Pumanca, Qualmi), Corax, Gurahl, Nuwisha, and Ratkin.

Incoming Shifters: Garou (Black Fury, Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Fianna, Get of Fenris, Glass Walkers, Shadow Lords, Silent Striders, Silver Fangs, Stargazers, Utena, and Wendigo),  Annansi,  Bastet (Bagheera, Balam, Bubasti, Ceilican, Khan, Pumonca, Qualmi, Simba, Swara), Corax, Gurahl, Nuwisha and Ratkin.

Don’t even ask: Nagah, Rokea, Black Spiral, Fallen Fera, Mokele, White Howler, Croatan, Kitsune, Nezumi, Hakken

People to know in Haplin: NPCs