Some attributes
Name Kieda Tamada
Alias Orin
Date of Birth 5/21/1979
Age 35
Nationality Japanese
Concept Angel of Death or Deliverance
Nature Caretaker
Demeanor Judge
Occupation Chief of Security for Starr Resorts
Tradition Euthatanos
Affliation n/a
Essence Pattern
Notable Stats


Kieda "Orin" Tamada

"Every story must have an ending." - Auron FFX

Orin is a Euthatanos, and walks the ways of Death and Shadow as much as he walks the living world. Armed with a deep resolve, powerful determination, pure heart and a sword, he makes his way acorss the United states "helping" those that have pushed themselves into the path of their own destruction.

He is Japanese, and started life as a monk in a lost temple in the Iga Mountains of Japan. When he was just a teen, he was introduced to the world of magic as he had awakened in that temple of Akashics. Thought originally to be an Akashic as well, he trained with them for years before his second awakening to his true calling. Death ushered the young man into the ranks of the Euthatanos. For the next 15 years he has trained and walked the United States, issuing judgements and meting out justice to those that cannot be saved, and taking on the pain and suffering of those that CAN be saved. He is a sineater, a judge and executionor of the lost and corrupted. LIke an Angel, no-one wants to meet him when he is on mission, but many ask for his help.

Now, he is an older, more accomplished mage and has been given an acolyte to train. He has settled in Haplin, working for the Starr resorts as the Security cheif for the entire complex. He can be seen walking the resort on patrol, or walking the town in his red coat, on mission for the Euthatanos, or training his ward.

RP Hooks

  • Orin is always on the move, whether it's patroling the resort or in town. You can catch him just about anywhere, and he's quite the presence.
  • He's the Chief of security for the Starr Resort, need a mint on your pillow? Look him up.


Jisanne and Furio's weding Video (Log of the wedding from Orin's POV:

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