Some attributes
Name Annalucia Cortez
Alias Liliana Isabel Alves
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Early 20's
Nationality USA
Concept Unknown
Nature Bravo
Demeanor Caregiver
Occupation Just another waitress
Notable Stats

Appearance 4, Singing 4, Merit: Innocent


This is a rather short girl, standing at around five foot. Her body is shapely, a young woman having fully bloomed into the sensual shape of a woman. Her hair is a rich dark blonde, not quite blonde but not quite brown either, that in between stage though it is silky soft to the touch. Her skin is delicate, tanned, and so very smooth enough to make alabaster jealous. Her eyes are a rather amazing shade of dark brown with bits of golden flecks inside. Her lips are a pale pink but full and sensual and often glossed.

Who is she?:

To many Liliana is just a girl who works at the little cafe in town. She doesn't talk much, doesn't really go anywhere exciting. She is usually not seen after sundown. She always seems so nervous though, reserved, always expecting something bad to happen. She seems friendly though, got a cute southern accent but seems to keep herself pretty locked up, she doesn't like to open up about herself or where she's from.


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