Kenshen -- In Memory of Kurt Eberhart

Character Overview
Some attributes
Name Unknown
Alias Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Concept Unknown
Nature Unknown
Demeanor Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Tradition Unknown
Affliation Unknown
Essence Unknown
Notable Stats

Dex 4, Per 4,

Candle2 Kenshen's player passed away 5/23/12. Rest in Peace, you will be missed.

You see a young male that looks to be in his twenties and close to average height. Long raven black hair flows down to mid back and has been styled in top knot up near the top back of his head. Near perfect sparkling blue eyes gave about a world with both a childlike wonder as well as a haunted look that leaves one feeling that he has seen the worst and best the world has to offer. His skin has a healthy tan to it, being out in the sun working out.  
Currently he is wearing a pair of baggie wide bell bottomed pants. Belted over this is a loose fitting tunic of light green that is open at the neck to about mid chest and the belt is of a light brown. When you can see them...on his feet are a pair of well worn sandals.