Some attributes
Name Jisanne Cabrini
Alias Unknown
Date of Birth I don't remember. You pick the date, we'll celebrate!
Age Appears 25
Nationality American
Concept amnesia victim in a strange land
Nature Survivor
Demeanor Deviant
Occupation Wife, Mother, Naturopathic physician,Starr Resort Co-owner
Tradition Dreamspeaker
Affliation Unknown
Essence Primordial
Notable Stats

Int 4, Wits 4

The young woman before you appears to be of modesty means. Long, fine, blond falls to her waist in a sheet of spun gold and is often played with by even the barest of breezes. She stands 5'8" tall when barefoot, weighs about 130-140 pounds and watches the world with a strange pair of bright clear emerald eyes. Sometimes her gaze is vacant, other times haunting or lost but always her eyes shimmer. As if life was some joke only she understood. Her frame is thin of build yet sturdy. Despite her young appearance there is an aire of knowing about her, one might describe it as having an old soul.


  •  A licensed MD with a focus on Alternative Medicine. She works part-time at the hospital.
  • Co-Owner of Starr Resort
  • Mother & Wife
  • When not working at the hospital, or during winter, she perfers to wear as little or light-weight clothing that she can manage. This usually means semi-sheer clothing with strategic embroidery, sarong, daisy dukes, etc.
  • Amnesia victim. She doesn't remember the first half of her life. Much about the world is still new or strange to her.


How do I Love thee? There's no way to count the ways. You hung the moon and brought the stars down to me. I am eternally grateful.
Con Te Partiro
I Will Find You
Eccentric, absent-minded, work-a-holic. No longer the broken man I met. Can you run now that you've learned to walk? Can you keep up?
In My Life
Jisanne and Morpheus' daughter as she will appear at 18 years of age. Right now, she's only a percocious 6 year old often seen around the resort.

Deceased Relationships

The one by which all others are measured.Even after all these years it still seems you are close. 
Light of my life. Made all my dreams come true. I will find you again, every soul comes back around the wheel eventually. 
A great friend and protector. A love that lived in silence and not heard till it was too late. The last happy thing we shared: a thousand paper cranes. Now I understand.


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