Sean-Garrett Alvin
Concept Hillbilly Warrior-Poet
Nature Crackerjack
Demeanor Bravo
Age Early Twenties
Notable Statistics Charisma 4
Appearance 3
Animal Magnetism

A tall, handsome, muscular man, with a mop of perpetually-mussed yellow hair and swoon-inducing green eyes that alternately hold a manic gleam or a haunted stare. He's plainly not above getting down and dirty, his knuckles are scarred from fighting and his nose has a faint notch from a past break -- not to mention the literal dirt that tends to be ground into his skin and clothes. He has an earthy demeanor combined with a cocksure swagger, and he speaks in a rapid cadence that tends to daze listeners.

RP Hooks

  • Scrapping - He loves a good scuffle. Just be careful about when you pick one with him, and try not to take it too far...
  • Crafts - He comes from a family of artisans, and he has some skill of his own, but he doesn't get much use from it because he's
  • Cursed - A dastardly sorceress has placed a malediction upon him, preventing him from creative endeavors! He's always looking for ways to break it.
  • Music - He plays bluegrass and folk music. He's hardly the best, but he has a way of winning over audiences