Furio Cabrini
Some attributes
Name Furio Fulminatus Cabrini
Alias Fury
Date of Birth August 9, 1955
Age Late 50s
Nationality USA
Concept Wealthy banker, magnate, stargazer
Nature Visionary
Demeanor Autocrat
Occupation COO of Starr Resorts, CEO of Paragon Banking International, Consul of Perseus Ascendant
Tradition Virtual Adepts 
Affliation Unknown
Essence Questing
Notable Stats

Strength 4, Stamina 4, Intelligence 4, Arete 4, Correspondence 4, Prime 4, Empathy 4, Awareness 4, Leadership 4, Hypertech 5, Computer 5, Finance 4. Lores: Traditions 2, Order of Hermes 1, Technocracy 3, Void Engineers 3, Mage 3, Virtual Adepts 3, Shifter 1, Vampire 1, Underworld 1

One sees a large, burly bear of a man firmly into his middle years. A curly mane of gray-and-white hair is worn pulled back in an unruly ponytail that reaches the middle of his shoulderblades. A thick, well-groomed beard lines his square jaw. Chocolate brown eyes are deepset beneath shaggy gray brows. He is olive-complected, with strong cheekbones and a noble Roman nose. His voice is a deep, rumbling bass, spoken with a crisp, educated tone.

This man definately ate his Wheaties as a child. Standing a hefty six-foot-ten, he tends to loom over the average person. With broad shoulders, a barrel chest, and sturdy limbs, he is built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Thick muscle fills out his burly frame, with hardly any spare fat to be found. He is dressed in a rich Armani power suit of fashionable black silk. Silver pinstripes track down the jacket, which is worn with a black necktie and a burgundy waistcoat. Pleated charcoal-gray slacks are worn with spit-polished Italian leather loafers. A Bluetooth earbud is worn on his right ear. He smells of a handsome, spicy cologne mingled with the musty scent of fine cigars.

This man does not walk. He lumbers, striding with purpose and dignity. A stern scowl seemes permenantly etched into his features. His manner is polite, if curt and gruff. His gaze is keen and clear, and doesn't seem to miss much.

RP Hooks

  • COO of Starr Resorts - Furio is the Chief Operations Officer for Starr Resorts, handling the day-to-day operation of the property. If you're interested in working for the Resort, he's the man you will talk to.
  • Virtual Adept - Furio has proven himself Elite among his Tradition, despite his decidedly non-Traditional outlook. An Adept of both Correspondence and Prime, he stands with the Cyberpunk alt and rebels against the Dark Future the Technocracy has planned for the Masses.
  • Astronomer - The Correspondence Sphere opens many doors, and none know that better than the Virtual Adepts. Moving beyond the confines of Earth, Furio is an avid astronomer. He also spent five years on the VES Voidstormer as their reactor technician.


Jisanne Morpheus
Jis2 Bella mia, my beloved cara stella, you are all the light I would ever need in this world or any other.
"I'll be the man that I could never be, now that I've found you."
Morph1 You are the other half to her, and give her what I cannot. I want to know you, but... sometimes, you scare me.
"You're a beautiful, a beautiful fucked up man."
Shradre Alexander
StrangeloveStrangelove4 My dearest friend, and one who understands what it is we're trying to do. You kept her safe while I was away. For that, I can never thank you enough.
"Magic and technology, voodoo dolls and chants, electricity, we're making weird science!"
My old friend. We are all that remains of one of the best Chantries that ever was. I will rely on you in the days to come. I hope you are ready.
"It's time we saw a miracle."


I'm the operator with my pocket calculator
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator
I am adding and subtracting
I'm controlling and composing

Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun
Your mama always said you'd be the chosen one
She said you're one in a million, you got to burn to shine
But you were born under a bad sign with a blue moon in your eye

I, I can remember
Standing by the walls
And the guns shot above our heads
And we kissed as though nothing could fall
And the shame was on the other side
Oh we can beat them, forever and ever
And we could be heroes, just for one day

But he believes in beauty
He's Venus as a boy


Let me take you on a trip
Around the world and back
And you won't have to move, you just sit still
Now let your mind to the walking
Let my body do the talking
Let me show you the world in my eyes

Like a century that passes in a day's time
Like an endless loop that shudders to a stop
The world redefined, an existence without boundaries
I am overcome, I am lost within its scale
Staggering and infinite, full of ageless grace
The universe seems limitless
Without any time, without any place
Staggering and infinite, the beauty of it all
I feel insignificant
Never have I ever felt so small

I still have my name, I still have my face
I have not run away from home
Does it seem so wrong if I now embrace
Every single thing I've never known?