Deliverance, NC


Deliverance lies an hour (or less) southwest of Haplin and 8 hours west of Manteo. In many ways Deliverance is still rebuilding from a horrible terrorist attacks over ten years ago. Almost a third of the city and its population were destroyed. Deliverance quickly became occupied by the military and remained so for several years. It was hoped they'd be able to sniff out those that cause the attack and help rebuild; nothing came out of the investigation. However, this occupation forced most supernatural being out of the city.

Now, they are starting to return. The military has been recalled and the city is once again on its own. If Haplin is the forgotten paradise then Deliverance is like Las Vegas with deeper shadows.

Country United States POPULATION
State North Carolina 2010 83,393
County Buncombe
Mayor Todd J. Monroe AREA
Vice Mayor James B. Lawson City 41.3 sq miles
Public Advocate Robert D. Rodriguez Land 40.9 sq miles
City Council Michael B. Blackwell Water  1.4 sq miles
Herbert M. Morgan ELEVATION 2,134 ft
Katherine L. Grimm
Gloria A. Wallace
Kevin E. Stumbaugh
Anna K. Anderson
Fire Chief Daniel A. McBride
Police Chief Sandra L. Manning