Some attributes
Name Cori Adelaide Walker
Alias Unknown
Birthdate Jul 4 1992
Nationality american
Concept Galliard Tinkerer
Nature Scientist
Demeanor Maker
Occupation welder/junk artist
Tribe Bone Gnawers
Ritename Dancing The Drum
Auspice Galliard
Breed Homid
Notable Stats

Wits 4, Expression 4, Member of Haplin's Pride Pack

This Charater is on the Roster and available to be played.


Tall for a woman, Cori looks like she could have been a model in another life, at least at first glance: long dark blond hair, bright green eyes, perfect porcelain skin. Immediately, that assessment would be proven wrong. She's almost too skinny, her clothes tattered and dirty. Beyond her scruffy appearance, she's more than a little beat up, scars cover her left arm from hand to shoulder, her pinky and ring fingers nearly entirely missing, the middle and forefinger scarred by whatever took her fingers. More scars cover the left side of her face, like she'd suffered a bad burn. Striking, her appearance is greatly marred by the damage left behind by some trauma.

Her clothing is simple, an oversized pair of jeans and a large t-shirt. A simple daily uniform, except it's almost always covered in some kind of dirt. Beyond the dirt might be the black of grease used in mechanics, smeared here and there and there's always some kind of pack at her side that she stuffs found treasures inside. Beneath the collar of her shirt looks like a thin strip of black leather around her neck.


Having grown up in foster care, Cori has no real idea who her parents are or where she came from. She went from foster family, to foster family, the transitions happening more often as she got older. Finally, the abuse from the last of several bad families was too much for her to take anymore and she lashed out, attacked a foster brother and became Garou. Since that time, the Bone Gnawers found her, trained her, took her in: a tribe of Hillfolk in rural Georgia. It took some time, it took some effort and Cori became very comfortable with who and what she is. She's since found her mate, been through some hard times that left her scarred and missing two fingers, and moved to Haplin. But that's all just in a day's work as a member of the Garou Nation.

Bone Gnawer Galliard


Cori is handy with her hands, making things coming second nature to her. But she's also a Bone Gnawer and that means that most of her supplies come from the inside of a dumpster or a walk through the dump before things get composed into the pile. She's got a thing for making musical instruments, as a Galliard, and can play each one of them that she puts together. She might not be a Maestro, but she can get people up and dancing when she puts her mind to it. Drums are what Cori started with and seem to be her specialty. She's good with other things, as well, a regular Jack of all Trades.


Marcus Husband

Mace Pack Alpha

Garrett Pack Beta